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just a thought about gardening

1 Apr

Spring is on the way…and if you have a garden or a sunny porch that could hold some pots, there’s no better way to get healthy, chemical-free, local produce and some exercise at the same time! Everything you can grow is good for you–at least, I can’t think of any exceptions–and it’s a wonderful stress reliever, too.

If you want to drool over some gorgeous artwork and think about buying some heirloom seeds (which are NOT necessary for gardening, but some of the plants are oh-so-pretty), check out Baker Creek. Their catalog is gorgeous.


it’s gardening time!

26 May

The single best way to get nutritious, locally-grown, pesticide-free produce is to grow it!

And it’s that time of year. My squash plants have baby squashes on them. My tomatoes–some of them–are getting flowers. My herbs have taken off. Lettuce is growing. We’ve been harvesting radishes for over a month! The mulberry tree is producing tons of berries.

So this is just my little reminder to you that things grown in your yard [or on your porch or windowsill] make a great addition to a healthy diet, and they taste fabulous. Even if you just have space for a single planter, some fresh herbs will liven up your cooking without adding salt, fat, or many calories!

summertime–break out the grill!

18 Apr

Aside from the obvious meats, your grill can be used to prepare a variety of great summertime side dishes! Here are a few suggestions that can help you make the whole meal on the grill and keep your kitchen cool.

* Grilled sweet potatoes: peel them, steam in the microwave until tender, then cut into thick slices [about 1/2″]. Rub with a little olive oil and sprinkle with the spices of your choice–kosher salt is good, and garlic is awesome. Place directly on grill [careful not to drop through the slats] and cook on the top rack if you have one or on the sides away from the flame while you’re cooking the main dish in the middle.

* Asparagus: steam for 1 minute in microwave and then brush with olive oil. Grill until tender.

* Potatoes and onions: Slice thin. Add red or yellow peppers if desired. Sprinkle with whatever seasonings you like: fresh herbs, paprika, or seasoned salt. Spray a sheet of foil with baking spray and wrap vegetables in the foil. Twist ends to fasten tightly and grill for 20 minutes or so. Flip and grill another 10 minutes, then serve. Be careful–the steam is hot when you open the packet!

Pumpkin Puree–make it yourself!

7 Feb

So, while I ordinarily would NOT recommend the Pioneer Woman’s blog to anyone who desires a healthy lifestyle (the woman is a genius–an evil, evil genius), this is a great tutorial for roasting and pureeing your own pumpkin…perfect to use to make my pumpkin soup!