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recipe: super-lazy coconut-lime curry chicken

24 Mar

This is almost laughable, as recipes go: four indispensable ingredients and a few optional ones. But I make it pretty often, and my family likes it. This Thai-inspired dish is very quick and easy, which makes it a good choice when I leave dinner to the last minute. It also goes well in the slow cooker, and most of the ingredients are things that I usually have on hand.

It is most delicious if you use all of the ingredients, but I don’t scorn it if I don’t have everything. And no, I don’t know why it’s called a curry–it hasn’t got any of the spices in it that I associate with curry.

* chicken (I usually use two boneless, skinless breasts or a package of chicken thighs–bone-in is even more delicious)
* one onion, diced
* two or three cloves of minced or pressed garlic
* 2 cans of coconut milk (I recommend Trader Joe’s light coconut milk, which has a great flavor and is fairly healthy)
* juice from two limes, or the equivalent in bottled lime juice if you must
* a few shakes of fish sauce
* the zest from your limes

garnishes (use any or all):
* sliced hot peppers (I like Serrano, but any kind works)
* chopped cilantro
* chopped green onions
* chopped peanuts

You can make do with just chicken, onion, coconut milk, and lime, if that’s all you’ve got on hand. It’s not terribly interesting that way, but it’s still tasty and sort of comfort food-y.

Spray a heavy pot with cooking spray and cook the onions and chicken in it. If you’re using boneless, skinless chicken, you may want to dice that, too–it’ll cook more quickly and evenly. When it’s almost done, add the garlic.

When the chicken is cooked through, pour in the remaining ingredients (except garnishes) and cook until hot.

Serve over rice or some other delicious whole grain and top with garnishes.

If you would rather have soup, just add a few cups of chicken broth and ditch the rice. Voila–soup.

If you are in more of a seafood sort of mood, this is also good with shrimp instead of chicken.

If you want to put it in the slow cooker, just toss everything in together (except the garnishes) and cook until the chicken is completely cooked (in my slow cooker that’s about 4 hours on high, but yours may vary). If the chicken is frozen, your slow cooker can handle it–just add some cooking time.


recipe: tomato salad

11 May

Now that the garden is getting underway, I am itching to make delicious fresh vegetable dishes and sit around admiring the bounty from our little plot–but unfortunately, the pickings are still slim out there.

Today, I decided to scratch that metaphorical itch with a fresh-tasting, if store-bought, alternative: a tomato salad based on supermarket Campari tomatoes and the bits and pieces I could gather from the garden. You can throw in anything you want here; if you are a fan of a different herb, add it or replace the basil with it. If you like cucumber in your tomato salad, put that in too. This is more of a concept than a recipe.

Tomato Salad

1 package Campari tomatoes (I used a 1-lb package, but it’s flexible)
handful of basil leaves, torn into small pieces
3 large spring onions, white and light green parts only
pinch of salt
fresh-ground pepper
drizzle of olive oil

Wash and quarter the tomatoes. Toss briefly with the remaining ingredients. Let stand for a few minutes.

A few serving ideas:
* top with grated cheese (Parmesan, provolone, Gruyere–whatever floats your boat) or mix in small pieces of mozzarella;
* pick the baby lettuce leaves that are starting to grow in your garden and serve this salad on top;
* chop the tomatoes a bit smaller and serve this salad on rounds of toasted bread;
* use the tomato salad as a combo sauce/garnish for grilled or broiled fish;
* use the leftovers (if you have any) as the basis for a quick frittata.

fish are friends…and food!

7 Mar

Here’s a quick recipe for easy flounder with lemon-caper sauce in the oven–this preparation works for any fish, but I like it best with delicate white fish, not so much with salmon or tuna.

* about four white fish fillets or steaks [I use flounder]
* 1/2 cup cornmeal, salt, and pepper [mix in a bowl; proportions are not important]
* juice of one lemon
* drizzle of olive oil
* two tablespoons capers

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a baking sheet with nonstick spray. Dredge the flounder in the cornmeal mixture and place on baking sheet. Spray tops of fillets with a spritz more of the baking spray. [I like to use plain olive oil spray.] You can add other spices to the cornmeal if you like; dill is nice, or a little chili powder, or replace the salt and pepper with a bit of seasoned salt.

Bake fillets until they’re golden brown at the edges and fish flakes easily with a fork. Mix the juice, a bit of olive oil, and the capers; pour over the fish and bake for 30 seconds more.

recipe: salmon cakes

27 Oct

Most recipes for salmon patties or salmon cakes contain bread crumbs, among other not-so-healthy possibilities. These are extremely good for you and they’re tasty, crispy, and easy. Jackpot! I like to serve them with some kind of dipping sauce–I’ve used a good brown mustard and I’ve used aioli [well…lazy person’s aioli: Hellman’s mayo with a clove of garlic squeezed in]. Both were delicious! Of course, the mustard is better for you, but mayo’s not so bad in moderation–low carb, though high in fat.

Salmon Cakes

2 small cans salmon [the size of a can of tuna] or one bigger can [the size of a can of beans]

2 eggs

3 chopped green onions

a handful of  herbs–parsley is good, or dill or basil

Mix ingredients, making sure egg is well-blended. Let the mixture sit for a couple of minutes; it’ll thicken slightly. Then scoop out onto a greased cookie sheet. I used a cookie scoop to keep mine uniformly-sized. Flatten into patties on the sheet. Bake at 350 degrees until they begin to brown and edges get crispy.

I’m sure you could throw in celery, garlic, that sort of thing, if you want to. I sometimes toss in a few shakes of celery seed or Old Bay seasoning. These are really good with green vegetables. You could also do a low-GI sandwich with this if you wanted; whole-wheat bread, a larger salmon patty, lettuce, tomato, and some mustard would make a kickass sandwich.