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product review: Dreamfields Pasta

31 May

One of the “healthier” options for pasta, which is increasingly available in average supermarkets, is Dreamfields. I am not a fan of whole wheat pasta–honestly, I’d rather do without pasta altogether–but this stuff is pretty darn good.

It isn’t noticeably different from regular pasta, either in taste or texture. It cooks in about the same amount of time, looks the same–frankly, it’s the best better-for-you pasta I’ve ever tried.

The big downside is price: when it’s on sale, I can snag it for $2/box…as opposed to regular pasta’s sale price of less than $1/box. But since it’s not something we eat every day or even every week, it’s not a big chunk of my grocery budget. Even though we eat much, much less pasta than we used to, I love to be able to make homemade macaroni and cheese once in a while!

This link takes you to a coupon for a dollar off a box, if you’d like to try it; you can also buy it in bulk online if you don’t have access to a grocery store that carries it, or if you want to get a better deal on a larger quantity.


product: Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta

18 Oct

I love this stuff: Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta.

This pasta is a mix of corn flour and quinoa flour. It is higher in protein and lower GI than regular pasta. It tastes like real pasta, not like twigs. I am not a fan of whole-wheat pasta, so I’ve had to do some looking around at different options. I still wouldn’t eat it every night, but on those occasions when you’re just about crazy wanting some macaroni and cheese–this is a great option. I’ve found it at health food stores and some regular supermarkets [Harris Teeter, some Giant stores]. It’s great with pesto!

One note, though: it doesn’t swell when it cooks, at least not like wheat pasta does, so you may end up with a smaller batch than you expect.