I am far from a fitness expert. I’m getting ready to run my first 5k next month, though. Why? Because exercise really does make a difference.

Since I started running, I have experienced more energy, fewer PCOS-related symptoms, and far better moods. I have fewer anxious or depressed days. I have discontinued taking Metformin (which is a very useful drug, but I don’t need it anymore).  I feel better in all kinds of ways.

I encourage you to find a fitness program that works for you. Running is working for me. I will be reviewing some other things (fitness DVDs, etc.), as well, and giving updates on how the running is going. I also do some strength training twice a week, and I’m planning to bump that up as the weather gets colder and I run less frequently. I aim for at least three runs a week, although when I have no injuries or soreness I run every day.

If you need a trainer, find one. Find the money. If you need a gym membership, ditto. This is the single biggest, best investment in yourself you can make, and the single step that will do the most toward improving your PCOS and overall health.

Check out the links in the sidebar: couch to 5k and other helpful things can be found there!

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