General Information

“got pcos?” is a personal blog. I am not a doctor, and I can’t advise you on your health! When I was diagnosed with PCOS, however, I found that there was not very much information about the “healthy eating” and “lifestyle changes” that everyone seemed to recommend. So, “got pcos?” exists to provide food suggestions, recipes, product reviews, fitness ideas and experiences, and other PCOS-related odds and ends. I hope that it helps you figure out how you can tweak your life and habits to live better with PCOS. This is the information I wish I could have found when I was first diagnosed.

What it isn’t:

* a TTC guide (there are lots of other resources about fertility out there, and since one of my kids is currently wearing my husband’s underwear on his head and the other is running around wearing only a sock and shrieking “open muffin!”, I think it’s abundantly clear that I have been lucky enough to get all the fertility I need).

* a medical document of any kind. I do not have any medical training. All information I have about PCOS comes from my reading. That information does not constitute medical advice! All major lifestyle changes, medical problems, and questions should be addressed to your doctor.

* a diet guide. I will draw heavily on the principles of several different books about eating–but this is not a diet and I am not a dietician. My emphasis is on healthy, mostly unprocessed foods. If you are looking for low-calorie Splenda-enhanced desserts, you can find those elsewhere; this blog is about eating healthy, good foods and eating to minimize PCOS-related problems, not about losing weight. Many women will find that they do lose weight when they are eating better, but that’s a bonus, not something you should expect just from reading here. I recommend The Daily Plate as a good calorie tracker if you are trying to lose weight, but again, you should consult your doctor.


Q. Who are you, for Pete’s sake?

A. Nobody in particular. I’m not a doctor, nor a nutritionist or personal trainer. I have PCOS and I have done a lot of reading. I’ve tested a lot of nutritional approaches via trial and error. If this blog can save some of you some of those trials and errors, I’m happy.

Q. How do I know if I have PCOS?

A. See your doctor. In fact, see your doctor and then, if you’re not sure or your doctor doesn’t seem on top of this issue, see another doctor until you find one who knows about PCOS. If you are not trying to get pregnant, many doctors will dismiss this as unimportant. It ISN’T. It’s very important. It affects your quality of life and can lead to diabetes, which everyone knows is a major disease. Since PCOS is hard to diagnose for certain, diagnosis usually means that you get whatever tests are necessary to rule out other possible causes of your symptoms.

Also, check out the links on the main page–they have a ton of great information!

Q. How do I eat like this while feeding my family?

A. The foods discussed here are good nutritional bets for anyone, not just women with PCOS. Your family will benefit if all of you eat better! However, most of these meals are not going to seem odd to the average person. They may not even notice.


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