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You’re probably asking, “What is the PCOS diet like?” The short answer is, there is no PCOS diet. There are many different ways of eating that can improve PCOS symptoms. The approach that I take, which is an amalgam of a number of different programs, is a moderate-carb, whole-grain, unprocessed diet. (That, of course, is the ideal; I eat junk now and then, just like the rest of us.) I draw on the following books/plans:

* The Insulin Resistance Diet, by Cheryl Hart and  Mary Kay Grossman.

* The South Beach Diet, by Arthur Agatston.

* The New Glucose Revolution, by Jennie Brand-Miller.

and a whole slew of cookbooks from the Moosewood Collective that emphasize whole foods.

These are all good books. I encourage you to read them. They don’t, however, present a way of eating that I find sustainable. I don’t want to count everything or worry about proportions every time I eat; rather, I want to get into habits that will let me eat the things I’m used to eating without thinking too much.

A diet like South Beach is good for that–but the emphasis on Splenda and other artificial foods doesn’t sit well with me, and I find that South Beach is more of a starting point for me than anything else. If you have a lot of trouble giving up white bread or cutting back on sugar, you might benefit from doing Phase 1 from South Beach. It really does help to go cold turkey for a couple of weeks and get into the habit of eating more protein, vegetables, and dairy.

So: in a nutshell, the recipes and products you’ll find here will be aimed at helping you eat well while improving insulin resistance–through healthy foods, whole foods, and the occasional real splurge that still fits into a balanced diet.

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