body image resources

1 Jul

A lot of PCOS patients struggle with their weight, which can cause difficulties with self-image or self-esteem. It is common for overweight women, in particular, to suffer from low self-esteem, especially if they have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight.

Our culture is not very accepting of different body types. But there are some organizations and blogs that are working to push back against idealized, unrealistic, or narrow views of beauty.

Here are a few places you might want to visit:
Adios Barbie
This site fights unrealistic and judgmental views of women’s bodies–as exemplified by Barbie.

Health at Every Size
The HAES community focuses on healthy living without fixating on weight loss. It’s based on the belief that “the best way to improve health is to honor your body.” It’s based on the research and writings of researcher and nutritionist Linda Bacon.

This site has some good stuff, though you’ll have to overlook the bright yellow, eye-popping design.

Why is this important? The fact is, as a PCOS patient, you will have much better luck if you can think about your exercise plan, your diet, and your lifestyle in general as an approach to health, not just a weight-loss plan. By far the most common piece of advice for women with PCOS is “lose weight”–but your lifestyle choices will accomplish a lot more if you can think instead about accepting your body and taking care of it.


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