stress reduction

20 Sep

One of the big recommendations for dealing with PCOS is to reduce stress. This has a number of benefits for PCOS ladies in particular (though it is a good idea for anyone). Stress reduction can:

* Reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), which can help cut back on the tendency to put on abdominal fat–a problem for PCOS women that can lead to heart disease and other health problems…as well as muffin top.

* improve sleep, which can in turn help with weight control.

* reduce depression and anxiety.

* help you deal more easily with the curveballs that life throws you, including PCOS-related problems such as breastfeeding woes or fertility issues. They are big problems, but reducing your overall stress level will reserve your energies for dealing with these instead of panicking over the little things.

I’ve recently started reading zen habits, a great blog with many different approaches to stress reduction, simple living, and enjoying the moment. While you might not want to give up shoes or even declutter your house, some of the suggestions on this blog are easy to implement and great for stress reduction.

A couple of my favorite posts are this one on not hurrying and this one, which offers 12 ways to decompress after a high-stress situation.

Take a look–it’s worth it! The post about slowing down is especially useful, in my opinion–because most of us don’t allow enough time for any task we “need” to complete. Which things do you really need to do? What do you really want to do? Can you cut back enough that you’re not rushing?


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