recipe: flex frittata

30 Jun

The great thing about frittatas, in my view, is that they are chameleons: they absorb whatever vegetables you’ve got! I like to make them when I have leftover vegetables. It’s very satisfying to get rid of two or three Pyrex dishes of leftovers and end up with a whole new meal! Frittatas are also great to make ahead and reheat for breakfast or snacks. Sometimes I make them on the weekend and stow them in the fridge, and then whenever I need a quick breakfast I can grab one and have a hot meal in 30 seconds.

This is less of a recipe and more of a formula. You can use any size skillet or other pan for this; just scale your ingredients accordingly. Make sure you choose a skillet or pan that can go in the oven–that is, nothing with a plastic handle.

I have to give credit to Mark Bittman here, because his book Food Matters is the source of the idea that you don’t need very many eggs to make a frittata. Traditional recipes might contain 8-10 eggs, but 2 or 3 works just as well and keeps the focus on the veggies!

Flexible Frittata

* cooked vegetables of your choice (you may use leftovers or cook them before making the frittata)–you will need enough to fill the pan you’re using to a depth of about an inch or inch and a half. Or you can fill it deeper, about 2 inches, and add another egg.

* 2-3 eggs, beaten
* herbs or spices–I love this with fresh snipped dill, garlic, and/or parsley, but you can really use whatever flips your switch.
* 1/3 cup or so of grated cheese–Parmesan, Gruyere, and Swiss are all delicious choices

Heat the vegetables in the skillet. When they are hot, pour in the beaten eggs and tilt the pan around to spread them out over the vegetables. (Use a spoon if necessary.) Sprinkle on the herbs, if you’re using them. Top with the cheese.

Bake in a 375-degree oven until the eggs are set. Use a knife to test the frittata in the middle.

This is good hot or cold or somewhere in between! Fresh-ground pepper is requisite for serving.

You may use just one kind of vegetable or a medley of everything you can think of. It’s up to you! Some combinations I like are: onion, broccoli, and pepper; brussels sprouts, onion, and asparagus (very springy); green onions, cauliflower, and broccoli. I don’t stress about the combining of vegetables, though. I just put in whatever I have already cooked.


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