the fix: dessert

8 May

Okay, so usually I don’t advocate dessert–because I’d much rather indulge in salty excesses if I’m going to be excessive. But here’s the best thing I know of, if you want something really, truly indulgent without doing permanent blood-sugar damage: homemade whipped cream, fruit, and chocolate.

You will need: fruit of your choice (strawberries are traditional and delicious! but whatever kind of fruit you like that goes well with whipped cream will work); whipping cream; and your favorite variety of chocolate (the darker the better).

If you want to burn some of the calories you’re about to eat, whip the cream by hand: chill it until very cold. If you have room in the fridge/freezer, chill the bowl and the whisk, too. Your bowl should be glass or metal, not plastic–in my experience, plastic doesn’t stay cold and that makes it harder to whip the cream. Pour in a little cream per person. It expands a LOT, so don’t use too much, and use a BIG bowl. Then, whip with a whisk. Just when you think it’s not going to whip, you’ll start to see it changing–it’ll gain volume, become frothy, and then, it’ll turn into whipped cream!

Once it’s whipped to a good volume, add in a splash of vanilla extract. Then, taste the whipped cream and add a bit of powdered sugar. Whip. Taste. Repeat. I find that, because the cream is so rich and the vanilla gives it some perceived sweetness, it doesn’t take much sugar, which is part of the reason that making your own whipped cream is better for you than getting it at a restaurant or from a carton. This is not health food, for sure, but when it comes to satisfaction per calorie, this is pretty darn good. (Sure, Cool Whip Lite is low in calories; however, it’s not that good, and I don’t trust it…since I don’t recognize most of those ingredients!)

Put the whipped cream into the fridge while you assemble your fruit on a pretty tray or bowl. Arrange your chocolate on the plate, too–and take my advice: decide how much of it you’re going to eat and PUT THE REST AWAY. At least for me, the whipped cream is an invitation to overeat chocolate.

Then, put your whipped cream into a lovely bowl, sit down–possibly with your grateful honey–and enjoy!


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