today’s deep task: write a letter to your body.

21 Apr

So, women with PCOS often have some less-than-happy thoughts about our bodies. We struggle with our weight, or our skin, or our hair. A lot of us suffer from infertility. We worry about diabetes. We fight depression, anxiety, eating disorders. All of this stuff is common for PCOS sufferers.

Today, I challenge you: write a letter to your body. Say something nice. Say something mean. Say something honest. Leave it as a comment if you want to, or write it on a piece of paper and then throw it out. Get it out there. Here’s mine–just to show you I’m really serious about this.

Dear Body:
Remember the first time you ran a mile? I do, because I was so happy with you right then. It seemed like the biggest achievement in the world, running that mile, and all of the functions that keep me going [pulse, breathing, muscles moving] seemed like fabulous mysteries. But you do more amazing things than that, every day: you grew my babies, you keep on working and keeping on even though I don’t always–or even often–make the best choices for you. So here goes. I recommit to being better to you. Exercise, yes. Water, yes. Better eating, yes. Most importantly, I’m going to give you some love. I am frustrated by your vulnerabilities [herniated disc, anyone?], but you’re picking up my kids, digging my garden, walking across campus every day…and I appreciate you.
Ms. Academama


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