Elliptical Machines: Another cardio option!

11 Feb

Because I am a big wimp about running–or doing anything else–in cold weather, I recently bought an elliptical. I had used one at the gym, but here are a few observations about them, in case you are considering getting one [or getting on one at the gym].

* This is a zero-impact cardio workout: that is, it doesn’t jar your joints. For me, with bad knees, this is a big plus, especially since running, my favorite choice, is so very hard on knees and ankles.

* You can definitely loaf on an elliptical. Use the arm handles, add resistance, or speed it up to make sure you get your heart rate up.

* I think this would be a great setting for a program like “Cardio Coach,” to keep reminding you to push a little harder. It’s not a difficult machine to use, and if it’s set for low resistance, you can phone it in and not get far. A little encouragement will help.

* This is very boring. Bring an iPod or something because you’re going to need it.

Overall, I am happy with my elliptical. I like just running to the basement instead of having to go outdoors; I like the way it works my arms and legs, not just legs; and I like the fact that my knees don’t hurt!


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