recipe: black bean soup

20 Jan

This is easy, easy, easy, and so good! It’s also high in fiber and protein, chock-full of vegetables, and nice on a cold day. As with many [all?] of my recipes, proportions are loose and flexible…just put in all the beans you want, for example.

Black Bean Soup


* one onion

* one or two links of andouille or other spicy sausage

* peppers, if desired–I like to throw in a jalapeno or serrano, but you could also use a sweet pepper if that’s more your style.

* black beans: either about five cups, or two cans. You can cook your own using this method!

* canned tomatoes: either a large can [28 oz], or two small cans, or, best of all, a quart of home-canned ones. Mmm.

* vegetable or chicken broth, if needed–you may need this to make your soup liquid enough for your taste. I find that I don’t need it if I use home-canned tomatoes, but that I usually need about a cup if I am using store-bought ones.


* Dice the onion and slice the sausage. Saute [you shouldn’t need oil, as the sausage should be enough] until the sausage is a bit crisp on the outside.

* Add in the other ingredients. Heat and then simmer for a few minutes.

That is it! Serve, if desired, with some sour cream or grated cheddar or chopped cilantro. It’s great with cornbread, or with a green salad. You can also throw in other vegetables, if you like: corn is good, but you can also put in chopped carrots, or peas, or other non-traditional vegetables.


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