acne: the scoop

4 Jan

Okay, so there are a LOT of different approaches to dealing with acne. PCOS can cause a legion of skin problems, from hydradenitis suppurativa [which will be another post] to dry skin or pimples.  Right now, let’s talk about acne.

All of us–well, almost all–get the occasional pimple. But PCOS ladies sometimes have persistent, bad acne, even when we get past our teens and early 20s, when a lot of people outgrow the worst acne. I tried a number of things to combat my painful cystic acne and general pimpliness, but most of those things really didn’t work.

Some of the things I tried:

* AcneFree, the system sold many places that has several parts and costs a fortune [at least if you’re poor, like I am]

* Mary Kay

* Clinique

* the Oil Cleansing Method

Want to know what I finally did that worked? I went to a dermatologist. I know, seems like a frivolous thing to see a doctor about, and I know that some PCOS ladies have a lot more trouble with this issue and a dermatologist can’t help immediately or figure out a totally effective regimen. But for me, it made a huge difference just about instantly. I started taking doxycycline and applying a topical antibiotic twice a day, and my skin cleared up a LOT. I continued to use the cleanser and moisturizer I had been using [Burt’s Bees Natural Solutions, in case you’re wondering, but it’s just like any other benzoyl peroxide product]. It made a huge difference to the painful cystic acne and my face looks much better. I’ve now reduced to once a day for the topical antibiotic and stopped taking the doxycycline and it’s staying much clearer.

The only one of the things in my first list that I can recommend is the oil cleansing method. It didn’t work for me as an acne stopper, but I do it once or twice a week still and it really does improve my skin and complexion in general. I have softer, moister skin and I think it’s reducing the signs of aging, too. So I do recommend that, but I don’t think it’s going to be a silver bullet for many women with serious acne. I prefer jojoba oil [sometimes with a little bit of castor mixed in], but there are lots of choices for different oils and you might need to experiment.


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