workout DVD review: 30-Day Shred

25 Nov

If you’re a workout DVD junkie, you probably have this already, because it’s very popular. But if you’ve never done the whole TV-workout thing, let me recommend this as a starting point. Here’s what I like about it:

* achievable: each workout is 20 minutes, which is GREAT if you have a hard time squeezing in your exercise time.

* intense but not difficult: I am the least coordinated person on the planet, and workouts that have complicated steps are baffling to me. “Dancing with the Stars”? Not for me. This is intense, in the sense that it will get you sweating and you will definitely be working all of your muscles, but it’s not difficult, in the sense that the moves are fairly basic. Push-ups, jumping jacks–I can handle that.

* requires little equipment: as a corollary to the last item, all you need is a pair of hand weights.

* works well for beginners: just modify the moves to include a more limited range of motion and you can start with this without preparation. Take breaks if you need them, but I think you’ll find (as I did when I started using this DVD last summer) that it only takes a week or so to get up to speed so that you can get through the whole 20 minutes.

If you’re thinking, “20 minutes? How hard can it be?” (which is what I thought before I popped it into my DVD player the first time), let me warn you–it is hard! It will kick your butt in 20 minutes if you’re not already pretty fit. But that’s the whole point, right? I recommend it. For me, the “20 minutes” part is a big selling point. I love being done in that amount of time. I don’t rely on this as my main workout, but if it’s rainy and cold and I don’t want to do my run, this is a good alternative.


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