staple: beans in the Crock Pot

9 Nov

I always used to buy canned beans, because I had never had any luck cooking dry beans. They’re cheaper, and salt-free…but they never turned out, so I gave up.

Finally, though, I figured out the best way to cook them: the Crock Pot! I do a whole 16-oz bag at a time, and then I use what I need (usually half) and freeze the rest, ready to be pulled out and used as conveniently as canned beans.

Here’s what I do. This works for any long-cooking bean: black, pinto, white, red. Lentils, though, are a different post altogether.

* Pick over the beans to remove any gravel or anything else that’s gotten into them. Frankly, I almost never find anything; the only time I’ve encountered gravel is in lentils, which don’t need special soaking or cooking.

* Pour them into a pot and soak for several hours in cold water. Don’t use hot water; they’ll turn sour and smell like the end of the world (ask me how I know).

* Drain and rinse the beans.

* Put into Crock Pot. Add water to cover them, plus at least an inch or two. Depending on what you’re planning to do with these beans, you could also use stock. I often throw in a chopped onion, but that’s because I put onions in everything.

* Cook until tender. That’s it! The timing can vary depending on how hard-core your Crock Pot is. I usually put it on “high” and it only takes about 2-3 hours, but my Crock Pot means business. My old crock took at least 6 hours to cook them; however, there’s a reason I have a new one. Just check them every hour after the first 2 hours, and write down how long it takes so that you can plan for next time.


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