just a moment to be thankful…

31 Oct

….for my iPod.

Now, I know that a lot of people discourage running/walking outdoors while wearing headphones or earbuds, and there are good reasons for that. If you work out outdoors, of course you want to use good sense–if you’re running alone at midnight in a bad part of town while blasting Neil Diamond, that is dangerous.

However, in a populated place, if you remain aware of your surroundings [you can use just one earbud if you like], I think music is safe enough. And it is a HUGE boost to the enjoyment I get from running. Running in silence is a little too much like work for my taste.

Enter the iPod.

I wear mine, which was a gift from my lovely in-laws, in an armband to keep it safe. I set up a playlist ahead of time with songs that will fit into the intervals I will be running that day, and then I can just hit “play” and do my run. I highly recommend a music player. Indeed, that plus running shoes are the only two pieces of equipment I think you need to become a runner.


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