couch to 5k update

26 Oct

I am hung up in week 5 of couch to 5k. I’m starting to think it’s more of a mental block than a physical one–during week 5 you’re supposed to jump from two 8-minute runs to a 20-minute run! That’s huge. I mean, it’s only 16 minutes to 20 minutes…but that walking break in the middle just seems so necessary.  Anyway, I’m working my way up. Today I did two 10-minute runs. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

The countdown to my 5k has begun, though; it’s 11/22. So I have to get cracking and put on some pressure!

Anyway, here’s an interesting exercise-related musing: I think that, even though I am a total wuss athlete, it has changed my whole view of myself to be doing this. Suddenly I do see myself as an athlete, even though I am such a beginner. I feel more powerful, more self-confident, and, even though I look just the same, prettier.


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